Poor Health is Not an Inevitable Consequence of Aging

We, as a society, should always be committed to providing dignified care and companionship to enrich the lives of the elderly adults in our communities. The month of May is a time when many government and community-based organizations that serve older adults, celebrate Older Americans Month.

This year’s theme, Living Today for a Better Tomorrow,reflects the Administration on Aging’s continued focus on prevention efforts and programs throughout the country that aim to help older adults maintain their health as they age and avoid the risks of chronic disease, disability and injury. As we celebrate aging, we also recognize the need to bring awareness to the issues that affect older adults and create community-wide opportunities to help older Americans improve their quality of life. An overwhelming majority of older adults (over 85%) would prefer to receive care in their homes rather than move to a senior care facility.

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Aging is Inevitable – Adult Health and Wellness

Aging is Inevitable

Although aging is inevitable, how we look, feel and cope as we get older, is not. Aging affects each of us at different rates and in different ways. Even within the same individual, each organ and organ system ages differently, influenced by genetics, environment, lifestyle, attitudes, social networks, spiritual connections, and overall health and well being.

In infancy and childhood, we can be fairly accurate in predicting physical growth and development at different ages and stages. But as we age, there is no uniform timetable. Chronological age is notAging is Inevitable

How Do You Know When You Are Old?

Stereotypical Signs of Aging

• You get dizzy when you stand up or bend over

• Your joints and muscles ache all the time

• Your skin is itchy, spotty, wrinkled and dry

• Your body fluctuates between constipation and diarrhea

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