How Anger Can Indirectly Cause Health Problems

Of all the emotions that humans face, anger is one of the most toxic and problematic. Affecting tens of millions, toxic anger can literally poison people each and everyday of their lives. Anger is not something that can or should be cured but anger management is a necessity to avoid terrible conflicts whether it is at work, in relationships or at home and so forth. One of the reasons for the need of anger management is due to the toxic side effects that anger may indirectly cause to your health.

A high risk of a heart attack is one of the main health issues caused by anger. Unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes, overeating or drinking alcohol (or some combination of these) may contribute to heart disease. High blood pressure and high cholesterol usually go hand in hand with overexcessive lifestyles of overeating and cigarette smoking and so forth. Chest … Read More