With indoor events, Trump appears indifferent to health hazards

In June, Donald Trump thought it’d be a good idea to ignore public-health concerns, reject the pleas of local officials, and hold an indoor campaign rally in Tulsa. He thought wrong: the event was an embarrassing fiasco.

The president nevertheless decided to do exactly the same thing over the weekend, holding another indoor campaign event in Nevada over the weekend. The Las Vegas Review-Journal asked the Republican about the ease with which COVID-19 can spread in such a setting. His response spoke volumes.

Trump said in his interview with the Review-Journal that he is not afraid of getting the coronavirus from speaking at the indoor rally. “I’m on a stage and it’s very far away,” Trump said. “And so I’m not at all concerned.”

Or put another way, Trump is “not at all concerned” about his safety. After all, he gets to remain “very far away” from people who might

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