We need an independent commission to monitor president’s health

Reforms in how the nation monitors the health of its president are long overdue. President Trump’s unprecedented illness, and the confusion around his diagnosis and the state of his health make it clear that our current system is flawed.

Why widespread COVID-19 testing is crucial to fighting the coronavirus pandemic



Plenty of presidents have gotten sick, and plenty have kept it secret, some even when their illness impaired their ability to govern. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke that rendered him incapable of governing for the last 18 months of his presidency. His wife effectively became Commander in Chief. Americans never knew.

FDR never revealed his polio-induced paralysis. He also kept secret the long-standing high blood pressure that damaged his heart and left him a sick, physically compromised man in his 1945 meetings in Yalta, where the allies divided up the post-war world. 

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Poll finds support for independent arbiters resolving ‘surprise’ medical bills

A new poll commissioned by a conservative group finds that a strong majority of voters support an independent arbiter resolving disputes over so-called “surprise” medical bills patients sometimes receive from hospitals and providers when their services aren’t covered by insurance.

The poll, which was sponsored by the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, found that 75 percent of voters believe doctors, rather than health insurers, should determine the amount physicians charge for their work.

In cases of payment disputes, 74 percent support a third-party resolution that does not involve the federal government “benchmarking” prices for certain services.

Insurers and providers agree patients shouldn’t receive massive bills they’re not expecting, but the two sides are at war over who will take the hit if Congress legislates changes to their billing practices.

The debate is expected to spill over into the next Congress and could have electoral consequences for some candidates.

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An Independent GenaSante Review – Is This The Health And Wellness MLM For You?

Since you have found your way to this GenaSante review, you are most likely evaluating the company and its opportunity. As of this writing GenaSante is in pre-launch. While it is very important to look closely at any MLM opportunity, it is doubly important to look closely at a pre-launch MLM. Here is the good and the bad. Good: a pre-launch can really be a ground floor opportunity. You can get ahead of the wave and make huge money. Bad: there may not be a wave. Or at least not a big one. A Network Marketing company is like any other company. They are a safer investment when they have been around a while.

This doesn’t mean they can’t work out. They can and do work. It all depends on your risk tolerance. So what does GenaSante do? They are looking to become a major player in a huge market. … Read More