20 Best Inclusive Gyms and Fitness Spaces

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I’m going to keep it real: the mainstream image of “fit” is too narrow. Literally. We still live in a world where being perfectly thin and toned with a six pack is the pinnacle. And while fitness should be accessible to everybody, most of these images don’t represent every body. They largely leave out people of different sizes, genders, abilities, races, ages, and other identities. The push to achieve this fit ideal can overly-dominate gym culture, causing many to feel excluded from the community, to harshly judge themselves and others, ignore their body’s boundaries, or avoid the gym altogether (just to name some potential harms).

Thankfully, there are many gyms looking to create more inclusive spaces so that anyone who walks through their door feels welcomed. But since “inclusivity” is such a buzz word nowadays, it can be tough to decipher which organizations are actively

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Inclusive Sexual Wellness Products Ensure Pleasure Is for All

Sexual wellness brand Cake was founded in June with two guiding intentions in mind. The first is that, like Cake’s frosted namesake, sex is something to be enjoyed guilt-free. And the second is that, by creating specialized, high-quality products that are accessible to all genders, sexual preferences, and relationship structures, the pleasure market could be a more inclusive place.

To be sure, there’s a lot of work to be done regarding inclusivity in the sexual wellness industry, specifically in the way products are marketed. “As a gay man, I knew how beneficial lubricants were, but there just weren’t any on the market that stood out as the best [for me],” says Cake co-founder and CMO Mitch Orkis. “As a straight man, Hunter [Morris, Cake’s co-founder] knew about lubricants, but often found the many offerings and strange ingredients confusing. As we began to ask others about their sex life and preferences,

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