MoHAP launches ‘Post Office’ initiative to improve health insurance claims process

DUBAI — The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched the “Post Office” initiative as part of the National Unified Medical Records “Riayati”, a linkage system between hospitals and clinics and health care providers.

From improving treatment services and reducing healthcare costs in the UAE, to achieving a smart and integrated health system that serves the beneficiaries of health services and strengthening the control over the insurance system to reduce the misuse of financial resources, the new service helps provide better management of the central information related to the electronic insurance claims and their tracking

The post office service is covering the workflow of all claims between healthcare facilities and insurance companies, such as the verification of eligibility and insurance coverage and e-payments, including claims submission and tracking refusals. All the mentioned services are available for use by the authorized users in the healthcare facilities without having to rely

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International Experts Launch a Foundational Set of Standards to Measure and Improve COVID-19 Health Globally

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BOSTON, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) announced the release of their COVID-19 Standard Set (C19-SS) today.

To help institutions provide the best care for patients with COVID-19, health professionals and patient advisors from across the world have joined forces to establish and launch a global set of outcomes and measurement recommendations that reflect what matters most to patients with COVID-19. This is facilitated by ICHOM and conducted pro bono publico to assist in aiding the global healthcare community fight the global pandemic.

This was developed by the ICHOM COVID-19 Working Group, comprised of 28 experts and patient representatives from 24 organizations across 14 countries. A full list of organizations and representatives involved in the ICHOM COVID-19 Working Group is available here.

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Superior HealthPlan Working to Improve Health Literacy across Texas

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Many Texas healthcare consumers find it challenging to understand health information, from medical forms and terminology to the impact of a disease diagnosis. A recent study found that 88% of Americans struggle at one time or another with what’s called health literacy1. Health Literacy Month is in October and, due to the low numbers of health literacy across the country – including in Texas – Superior HealthPlan is taking time to help its employees and the general public learn how to better access, understand and use health information and services. 

Health literacy is how well a person is able to obtain, communicate, process and understand health information and services to make their best health decisions. Being able to act on health knowledge can improve the health of individuals as well as their communities. For example, people with higher levels of

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Denmark boosts its support to WHO to improve global health

On 5 October 2020, WHO and Denmark signed a multiyear agreement in which Denmark increased its flexible support to WHO.

As part of the agreement, Denmark’s funding to WHO will exceed 140 million Danish kroner (over US$ 20 million) of flexible and thematic contributions for the 2020-2023 period.

Denmark’s voluntary flexible contributions rise to 25 million Danish kroner (over US$ 3.9 million) per year. A further 10 million Danish kroner (over US$ 1.5 million) of thematic funds will be provided to WHO broadly earmarked towards the battle of non-communicable diseases.

The Danish government commits to doubling Denmark’s voluntary core contribution to @WHO from 2021, subject to parliamentary approval, to take global responsibility in strengthening health for the most vulnerable. @RasmusPrehn #healthforall; Morten Jespersen (@DKAmb_UNGva) September 2, 2020

The Danish Government announced in September their commitment to double Denmark’s voluntary core contribution

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Our mission to improve mental health care

Imagine having cancer or a heart condition and not having access to high quality care. Tragically, this has been the reality for the 1,300 youth in Sonoma County who experience their first psychotic episode each year. Connecting youth with the appropriate treatment early on can drastically alter a young person’s future. But to date there hasn’t been a program in Sonoma County equipped to handle this need.

Our family knows this all too well having lost our brilliant, talented and compassionate daughter, Elizabeth, to suicide in 2018 at the age of 19. When she was almost 17, and having completed two years of college, she came to us for help saying she was not feeling right. She was suffering from severe depression and anxiety, which we and she believed could be addressed with our health care provider’s assistance. We were so wrong.

The brain is an organ in our bodies.

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How music could improve our mental health

If you’re a musician and you’re angry at being told you should “retrain” to do something “useful” while we’re trapped in this pandemic, you have every right to be. As much as academics and politicians look down on the arts (despite consuming them on a daily basis), what they don’t seem to realise is the importance of music to our psychological health. And since our collective mental health has taken a downturn this year, it seems that music has never been more important.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

As part of World Mental Health Day, we want to educate on the health benefits of listening to music. It’s been a part of human culture since the dawn of time, used primarily as a way of bringing people together and inciting revelry and merryment in communal spaces. But now we know that the purposes of music go well beyond that.

Here are

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5 Simplest And Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

World Mental Health Day 2020 (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

© Juhi Kumari | Lifestyle Staff
World Mental Health Day 2020 (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

We cannot emphasize enough how significant having good mental health is. It ensures your overall well being and helps you manage everyday difficulty in the most healthy way. A disturbed emotional or psychological state can take away the enjoyment from your life and can throw you in the darkness that can further make you feel lonely, stressed, depressed and can push you towards committing suicide. There is a lot of stigmas attached to mental health conditions and that creates a barrier in the timely diagnosis of these conditions leading to increased prevalence of death due to the psychological disorders. To prevent these occurrences, here we tell you 5 easiest ways to boost your mental health.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

This is in your control. You need to stay miles away from any kind of negativity

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Health systems seek out patient feedback to improve telehealth platform

The pressure is on for health systems to create digital experiences patients will enjoy or risk losing out on revenue. In the digital age, consumers have high expectations of what these platforms should be like. “Systems are no longer just competing with other health systems in their region, they are competing with the experiences people have in their daily lives from other brands—that is the bar,” Kalis said. “When those experiences are cumbersome, that can lead to choosing one provider over another … and in the most extreme case, even switching providers.”

Telehealth’s increased popularity has prompted Stanford Health Care to totally rethink how it is assessing patients’ experience with the platform. The California system now does about 62,000 telehealth visits a month, up from about a 1,000 a month before COVID-19.

Now that volumes have stabilized and are staying strong, Alpa Vyas, vice president for patient experience at Stanford,

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Your Good Health: Blood-donation bans improve confidence in safety of supply

dr_keith_roach_with_bkg.jpgDear Dr. Roach: I lived in England in 1985-1986, during the mad cow disease outbreak. Since then, I have been ineligible to give blood. It is one of the few questions they ask. This has been 35 years and, obviously, I don’t have and have never had the disease itself. Is this still a valid reason to rule me out as a blood donor?


Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease was epidemic in the United Kingdom (and to a lesser extent, Ireland and France) from 1981 to 1996. By preventing blood donation from people who lived in the U.K. for more than six months during that time period, it is estimated that 90% of future vCJD could be prevented in the U.S. Incubation periods of 40 years have been reported for a similar disease, kuru, which is why the prohibition against blood donation remains. However, the absolute risk is very low, both

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Evernorth Continues Work to Reduce Costs and Improve Health With Expanded and Innovative Digital Health Formulary Platform

BLOOMFIELD, Conn., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Evernorth, Cigna Corporation’s health services segment, is expanding its industry-first Digital Health Formulary with the goal of making it easier for customers and patients, employers, and health plans to navigate the crowded digital health landscape. By evaluating and supporting proven digital health innovations, Evernorth is helping people address their most pressing health care needs faster and more effectively – resulting in improved engagement and better health outcomes at lower costs.

“Today we are announcing the expansion of our ground-breaking Digital Health Formulary to better help people achieve their health goals – whether it is planning a family, managing muscle and joint pain, quitting tobacco products, and even coping with the stress of being a caregiver,” said Tim Wentworth, chief executive officer of Evernorth. “We know how confusing, costly, and time consuming it can be for people to choose which digital health

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