Greater Elgin Family Care Center implements i2i Population Health in Record Time

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Greater Elgin Family Care Center of Illinois selected i2i as a comprehensive population health management (PHM) data platform they can trust, after evaluating several other solutions.

i2i’s flagship product, i2iTracks, is designed to provide a 360-degree patient view with actionable insights for daily PHM workflows. The joint teams completed the implementation in 55 days with a go-live launch in late February. Additionally, Greater Elgin Family Care Center (GEFCC) is now in-process of implementing i2i’s latest platform, PRiZiMTM, an enterprise-wide solution that provides unlimited quality management scorecards with user-defined benchmarks and extensive visualization tools. GEFCC’s Quality Team has been deeply involved since day one with their dedicated i2i Client Success Executive and i2i Population Health Consultant to ensure the highest level of success and data integrity with their new PHM platform.

Robert Tanner, President/Chief Executive Officer from Greater Elgin Family

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