Another Covid-19 Wave Won’t Imperil the Nation’s Toilet Paper Supply, Whole Foods CEO Says

If Covid-19 infections are indeed headed for a third wave in the U.S., God forbid, grocery store shortages are unlikely to be the problem they were last spring. That’s according to John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, who also shared his thoughts on grocery delivery and obesity when we spoke this past week. m

Mackey was promoting his new book on virtue in business, Conscious Leadership. Meanwhile, I’m trying to raise awareness among grocery CEOs for an issue facing people my age, or at the very least, me. Amid the boom in organic, ethical, and craft products, the back stories on shampoo bottles have grown so elaborate that the word “shampoo” has been shrunk to make room. My wife keeps upward of eight bottles of hair products in the shower, and without my glasses, I’m at daily risk of shampooing with conditioner. I asked Mackey to

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