Why anti-maskers ignore risks even after Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis

  • President Donald Trump, who has long mocked others for wearing masks, was diagnosed with coronavirus. 
  • Following his diagnosis, family members and White House staff that previously flouted mask wearing recommendations since appear to have reconsidered, and are now wearing masks in public. 
  • That may not be enough to persuade some staunch anti-maskers to change their minds, since evidence of the risks is “irrelevant” to their ideological concerns, according to psychologists.
  • But for those who oppose masks as part of a partisan identity, seeing influential people like the Trump family wearing masks may be enough reason to follow suit, as group norms are a powerful motivator.
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Wearing a mask is recommended by health officials and experts around the world as one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Yet in the US, it’s become a contentious issue, in part

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Despite the White House’s COVID-19 Outbreak, the Trump Campaign Continues to Ignore Public Health Guidelines

It’s safe to say that if most political campaigns had seen its candidate, campaign manager, and more than a dozen associates test positive for COVID-19 within days of each other, they would likely reassess the strategy of holding large, in-person events that could be potential breeding grounds for the highly-infectious and deadly disease.

a person looking at the camera: A car with U.S. President Trump drives past supporters in a motorcade outside of Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on October 4, 2020.

© Alex Edelman—AFP/Getty Images
A car with U.S. President Trump drives past supporters in a motorcade outside of Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on October 4, 2020.

Not so with the Trump campaign.

While briefly pausing in-person events after President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump disclosed their positive diagnoses on Oct. 2, the campaign announced, just a day later, that “Operation MAGA”—a series of in-person events that the campaign touted as a way to “energize and mobilize the MAGA universe to maintain full speed until the President returns to the campaign trail”—will commence

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Women Use Tech To Solve Women’s Health Problems, A Market Men Ignore

Amanda French, co-founder & CEO at Emme, is applying her medical device development background to solve the oral contraceptives’ missed pill problem. After three years of building and testing its Bluetooth-enabled “smart case,” which works with more than 100 birth control brands, it has launched. 

When you miss taking a pill, the app automatically sends user-customized reminders. It notifies at-risk users when back-up contraception is needed. The app also allows users to track symptoms in the categories of “mood, body, sex, and flow” related to their menstrual cycles or hormones. When you track symptoms, you can see patterns as they pertain to pill habits. The data can be used to understand the effects specific birth control pills have on hormonal issues and help women and their doctors find the right pill in the right dose. But, like many female founders

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Know The Difference And Why You Must Not Ignore Them

Food intolerance can be because of a weak digestive system


  • Food intolerance causes indigestion issues like gas and bloating
  • Food allergy can cause hives and swelling
  • Ignoring food intolerance can lead to more serious health problems

Food allergy and food intolerance are often because of any underlying health condition or because of a poor digestive system. However, it is important to know the difference between the two. According to lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, it is specifically important to be aware of food allergies. If you don’t know what is causing your allergies, then it may end up causing multiple health problems and may even affect your immune system. In one of his recent IGTV’s, Coutinho elaborates further on the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance and what you should know about the two.

Food allergy vs food intolerance: What you need to know

According to

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6 Health Issues of Tokay Geckos That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Tokays are generally easy to maintain. However, sometimes your Tokays will suffer from health issues. Whether they had these health issues before you bought them (especially if they were caught in the wild) or may have risen because of stress or because of a poor husbandry, it is best that you know these different health problems that your gecko may suffer from to be able to address them appropriately.

Loss of Appetite

There are several reasons why your Tokay may refuse to eat. One of the most dangerous and causes rapid weight loss to your geckos is the presence of internal parasites. When this happens, it is best that you immediately seek the help of your veterinarian (herp vet). Emergency feedings are usually done to replace the lost nutrients (however, this may require the prescription of your vet to avoid unnecessary side effects). Stress and low temperature are also among … Read More