Probiotics: Hype or Healthy

Probiotics has been getting a lot of media attention these days. A health standard, feel better, have more energy, as part of treatments for chronic diseases. How much of this is hype and how much is real?

Let’s examine exactly what are probiotics. Our gastrointestinal (GI) tracts are full of bacteria that play a critical role in our immunity and overall health. Just how critically important these bacteria are, is coming to light with more focussed research being done. Changing the microbiotic flora in the gut can have a significant impact on a variety of body systems, including immunity response and brain function. What we eat, the medicines we take, the illnesses we endure all impact the gut bacteria. Recent research confirms a strong link between gut health, immunity and brain function. (1,2)

Gut bacteria are our police force, destroying the bad bacteria and pathogens that enter our body. It … Read More