Huskers seek right blend for good health and good hitting

There’s no irrefutable science attached to this particular matter. It’s a simple question to say out loud, but challenging answer to nail down: How much hitting and to-the-ground tackling do you do? Coaches ask that in normal seasons. And then there is this strange duck that is 2020.¬†

It looms as important as ever. It’s the pursuit of proper balance after a long offseason, with basically no spring football, then a seven-week delay to a fall season. Now Nebraska has¬†three weeks of practices before it plays one of the best teams in the country in Ohio State. It was only this last week when Big Ten teams began the move into pads.

“I think it’s very important that you take a good picture of your kids, and you see the hits that they’re taking,” said offensive line coach Greg Austin. “You calculate, ‘OK, how many

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