Brazil becomes global hotspot for COVID-19 pandemic

Two nationwide COVID-19 antibody seroprevalence studies from Brazil show that many cities along the Amazon were hit hardest at the beginning of the epidemic in May and June, along with poorer and Indigenous communities.

The research is presented at this week’s ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Disease (ECCVID, held online 23-25 September) and published in The Lancet Global Health, as part of a special conference session featuring The Lancet journals.

Brazil has become a global hotspot for the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of reported cases and deaths.”

Cesar Victora, Study Lead Author and Professor, Federal University of Pelotas, Pelotas, Brazil

“Existing seroprevalence studies in Brazil have focused on the more developed parts of the country, represented by the southern and southeastern regions. So it is vital that we have more accurate data on the national situation.”

The researchers

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