US coronavirus case-fatality ratio ranks 11th in Johns Hopkins mortality analysis

The U.S. was first to reach the grim 200,000 coronavirus deaths milestone marker this week, according to Johns Hopkins University researchers.

In additional updated statistics on the university’s Coronavirus Resource Center website’s Critical Trends section, researchers also noted the country’s observed case-fatality rate ranked 11th worldwide among the 20 countries currently most affected, with Mexico accounting for the highest rate at 10.5 percent.

By comparison, the U.S. has a 2.9% rate, falling behind other countries including France, Spain, Romania, Colombia and Brazil.

The observed case-fatality ratio figures measure the number of deaths per 100 confirmed cases. The researchers noted that countries with more testing and more instances of mild cases may have a lower case-fatality ratio than others, and that factors such as older populations and health care systems may impact the results.

Another Johns Hopkins figure, which calculates death per 100,000 population, factored in both confirmed cases and healthy

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