Quitting smoking has immediate health benefits, say HMC experts

The Tobacco Control Centre of the Hamad Medical Corporation on Monday warned about the link between smoking and heart disease and urged smokers to take advantage of smoking session services.

In recognition of World Heart Day, which is marked annually on September 29, the Centre said almost 2mn people around the world die from tobacco-related heart disease each year.
In addition to heart disease and high blood pressure, smokers are thought to be at risk for more severe Covid-19 illness due to the impact the virus has on the lungs, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
“Research has shown that smoking increases heart rate, tightens major arteries, and can cause an irregular heart rhythm, all of which require the heart of a smoker to work harder than the heart of a non-smoker. In addition to damaging your heart and blood vessels, cigarette smoke can change one’s blood chemistry and

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