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By Assemblymember Marie Waldron

This session, I am honored to be recognized as a “Mental Health Super Hero” by the Steinberg Institute, because of my work on mental health policy, advancing mental health parity to physical health and working to expand access to care. In addition I supported 9 bi-partisan bills, which were all forwarded to the Governor for his signature.

I co-authored three of these bills, signed by the Governor on September 25th. Senate Bill 855 (Wiener) expands Californians’ ability to obtain treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders by requiring insurers to pay for medically necessary treatments on parity with physical health. SB 803 (Beall) creates a certification process for peer support specialists to help persons going through mental health challenges, and AB 2112 (Ramos), supports regional and local efforts to

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COVID’s Catastrophic Impact on Human Health Ignites Historic Era of Illness, Chronic Disease and Premature Death

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking white paper released today by Revel, a Minneapolis-based next gen technology company, maintains that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt catastrophic effects on human health far beyond the disease itself and should be tracked independently. The author, Sara Ratner, Revel senior vice president of government programs and strategic initiatives, writes that “educational gaps, mental health issues, layoffs, loss of health care coverage and delayed health care utilization will have a sustained and perpetual impact on preventing and managing diseases ultimately contributing to an increase in chronic conditions, magnifying comorbidities, a spiked death rate and persistent healthcare cost increases and spending.”

Ratner leads an initiative within Revel Health that is tracking the full health impact and magnitude of the pandemic. The initiative is referred to as COVID-19 Determinants of Health (CDoH). “Revel recently launched our CDoH tracking effort because COVID-19 has

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