Hints From Heloise: Erase the stigma of mental health issues

Don’t be afraid to seek help for yourself or for someone you love.

Dear Heloise: I streamline my day onto one sheet of paper. I write down appointments, phone calls I need to make, what my kids have scheduled, work tasks I need to accomplish or what’s for dinner, on one page each day. It makes it easy to have everything laid out before me, and at the end of the day, I have a sense of accomplishment as I toss out the marked-off list.

Dear Heloise: I applaud your recent column on creating necessary bags for homeless people. A former homeless young woman said she really needed socks when she lived on the streets, especially in fall and winter. It’s just another way to bless someone.

Dear Heloise: After I dry a load of towels, I put the dryer on (while empty) for about five minutes. This blows out

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