Memory: Humans are better at recalling where we left high-calorie junk food than healthy snacks

Keep finding your way to the biscuit tin? Humans are better at remembering the location of high-calorie foods than healthy snacks because of our ‘hunter-gatherer instincts’ to avoid starvation

  • Researchers from the Netherlands tested the spatial memory of 512 participants
  • Each subject explored a room dotted with real food or food-odour samples
  • As they walked around, the people were allowed to eat or smell the items 
  • The team then asked each person to draw a map of where the samples had been
  • People were around 27 per cent better at remembering high-calorie foods 

The ‘hunter-gather instincts’ that helped our ancestors avoid starvation by seeking out high-calorie foods make us better at recalling where junk food is, a study found.

Researchers from the Netherlands found that test subjects could more accurately recall the

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