HEDSouth’s Jan Vitrofsky On Incorporating Wellness Into Your Home

When Jan Vitrofsky started his career in the electronics industry in 1975, he had no idea it would lead him where it has. Since then, he has worked with some of the most prolific companies in entertainment, including CBS, Columbia Pictures, Sony, Disney, ESPN and ABC, and even installed a TV system in the White House during former President Bill Clinton’s administration and home theaters in television executives’ homes.

It wasn’t until 1997 he founded his company, HEDSouth. Based in Coconut Grove, Florida, less than 30 minutes outside Miami, Vitrofsky installs high-tech systems for entertainment, security, lighting, air conditioning, wellness, window shades and electrical wiring. He works with both commercial properties and multimillion-dollar residences, including those of celebrities and high-profile executives, primarily in Florida and California.

According to Hanley Wood, 75% of people consider housing as essential or extremely important to their

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