Health Benefits of Eating Mango – Tropical Fruit For the Summer

Mango is one of the most luscious tropical fruit with many nutritional benefits as well. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are needed by the body to fight against diseases. Mangoes are abundant during the summer season. While many of us are eating mango because of its taste, there are still those who are not yet familiar with mango nutritional facts. What are the health benefits of mangoes? What diseases or conditions can this tropical fruit prevent or cure?

Mangoes are good to eat either ripe or unripe. The ripe mango is excellent for toning up heart muscles, stimulating appetite, and improving the skin’s texture and appearance. It is also antiscorbutic, diuretic, laxatic, and invigorating. This tropical fruit is also helpful for people who have liver disorders. It’s also high in calories and carbohydrates which are needed for those who are trying to gain weight. Ripe mango … Read More

Facts about Global Warming You Should Know

Global warming is not a 20th century phenomenon. It has, in fact, occurred in the past more than once, along with periods of extreme cold known as the ice ages. With so much written and reported about global warming, sometimes it’s difficult to detect which is fact and which is just part of scientific scare tactics. Here are some facts about global warming that might help:

What exactly is global warming?

Global warming is basically the increase in the temperatures of the Earth’s atmosphere, land masses and oceans. The Earth’s surface temperature is at an average of 59F and over the last hundred years, this figure has risen to about 1F. By the year 2100, the average change in the temperature of the Earth could range from 2.5F to about 10F, enough to melt glaciers and polar ice caps.

The cause of global warming

Global warming has and will always … Read More

Facts About Acne

Acne is a common skin disease that causes pimples. Pimples form when hair follicles under your skin clog up. Most pimples form on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Anyone can get acne, but it is common in teenagers and young adults. It is not serious, but it can cause scars.

No one knows exactly what causes acne. Hormone changes, such as those during the teenage years and pregnancy, probably play a role. There are many myths about what causes acne. Chocolate and greasy foods are often blamed, but there is little evidence that foods have much effect on acne in most people. Another common myth is that dirty skin causes acne; however, blackheads and pimples are not caused by dirt. Stress doesn’t cause acne, but stress can make it worse.

If you have acne

Clean your skin gently

Try not to touch your skin

Avoid the sun

Treatments … Read More

Dangerous Facts About Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance enhancing drugs, as the name suggests, are typical drugs that can be taken for increasing one’s performance. These drugs are basically steroids taken by athletes and sportsperson who are genuine professionals. Also, certain other hormonal drugs, including human growth hormone stimulants might also be regarded as performance enhancing drugs.

These enhancers were first used by the Greeks in the ancient past and were ingested by participants of sporting events. But these drugs have however been recognized as a threat and since the 20th century, certain technologies have been developed for testing and screening athletes on a regular basis to find the presence of such drugs in their blood stream. These enhancers have been banned since then.

Performance enhancing drugs- the phrase, is just used to refer to certain anabolic steroids or their relevant precursors in general, but the world of anti-doping organizations have a broader description for these drugs. … Read More

How Sports Nutrition Can Affect Health

The sports nutrition that any athlete consumes is a very important aspect and a huge determinant of his health and in turn affects his performance. Everyone knows that in today’s competing world of sports, one must perform at his best to even qualify. And when it comes to winning, it’s not enough to give your best- you need to be better than the best.

To play any sport, an athlete must maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not only required to practice and polish the skills of the sport, but is also equally important to nourish the body so that there will be enough energy and strength to play that sport. Let’s take a look at how the right sports nutrition can help in this regard.

You, assuming that you are an athlete or thinking of becoming one, must, first and foremost, understand the principles of sports nutrition completely. What is … Read More

Penis Facts You Didn’t Learn on the Street

Sure, a guy’s penis has been with him ever since he was born – but how well does the average Joe really know his favorite personal appendage? And since he learned a lot of his information “on the street,” so to speak, how much of that information is maybe not 100% true? In the interests of better penis health and an informed penis-owning population, the following penis facts are presented for reader edification.

Penis facts

– A guy can’t really break his penis. Although one often hears talk of a dude having a sexual encounter that goes devastatingly wrong, it’s technically impossible to fracture or break the penis. That’s because the penis doesn’t actually have a bone inside it – despite the nickname boner being applied to a stiff erection. When a man does have what is called a penile fracture, it refers to a tear occurring in the … Read More

10 Amazing Facts About Avocados

Avocado is an interesting food item. There is a big confusion that revolves around avocado; is it a fruit or a vegetable? This green colored, pear-shaped, little food item is actually classified as a fruit. It is indeed delicious and is loaded with n number of health benefits. This article is purely dedicated to this fruit. Here, we present you 10 amazing facts about Avocado. Keep reading.

1. Avocado is more than ten thousand years old.

Avocado has been on the eating list of people for more than 10,000 years. It is a native of America but was first spotted in Puebla in Mexico about 10,000 years ago. The gardens of America and Mexico always have avocado trees. One interesting fact about avocado is that it holds a spiritual significance for Aztec and Mayan societies. They believe that avocado gives them strength.

2. Avocados are very rich in fiber

Avocado … Read More

Ameriplan Review – The Brutal Facts About Ameriplan Business

Ameriplan, a multi level marketing (MLM), stands as an ideological corporation of discounted medical plans for Americans. it is a network of physicians, who offer quality diagnosis for all health problems at discounted rates. this MLM corporation has been in existence since 1992 and has progressed over the years.

Supplemental health care forms the business background for Ameriplan. it is the largest fee-for-service provider in the U.S. you will save considerably through the discounted health care services offered by Ameriplan.

This MLM corporation is well known for providing medical assistance to subscribers round the clock. features are extended to some key areas of healthcare that are very critical in providing quality and timely assistance such as minimum waiting time, access to timely treatments without prior authorization, little or no paper procedures, quick deliverances, and access to specialists. other features include various beauty and cosmetic treatments.

In addition, Ameriplan has moved … Read More

Beyond Vagina 101 – Curious But Crucial Facts for Men

For many men, a woman’s lady bits present a sense of mystery and wonder (although the same could likely be said for a female getting acquainted with a man’s equipment). Even the man who has had plenty of experience with the world down under is sure to have a few questions rolling around. Finally, get the answers to those questions that are too embarrassing to ask a woman, as well tips on how to maintain the male equipment for a healthy penis 24/7 – and better sex.

Why does it make noise during sex?

Known as “queefing,” that funny vaginal fart that sometimes slips out occurs due to the combination of arousal and thrusting. As the vagina becomes engorged, it expands slightly in preparation for sex. Combine that with vigorous thrusting, and air that has made its way up there is released with different movements. No need for embarrassment from … Read More

Sugar Facts and Why Fructose Is a Poison

Wow! I never expected to discover that fructose, the sugar component in many fruits, is a poison. An online lecture by Dr. Robert H. Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist and an expert in obesity, spells it out as a wake call for everyone. While the complicated biochemistry will be a little hard for many to follow who have no knowledge of it, the video is compulsory viewing to eliminated ignorance and expose what the food industry is about.

The 90-minute expose delves deep enough into the biochemistry to awaken even the most hardened minds. With so many of our foods going through processing it has taken the wind out of my sails to learn how much toxins are fed to us through supermarkets and the junk food industry.

Many babies are fed formula now by mothers who have rejected breast-feeding of infants for one reason or another. They may be shocked … Read More