Monday Motivation: Harsh Goenka shares mantras for good health, wealth and relationships

Need Monday Motivation? Just turn to industrialist Harsh Goenka’s Twitter because he posted mantras for good health, wealth and relationships in a new post today. To maintain a fit body, exercise and eat well – a proper healthy diet. Apart from that, you must meditate every day for some time as it will clear your mind and soul.

For good wealth, you must work hard and focus. As far as relationships are concerned, trust and sincerity is important. Love and positivity are pre-requisites for happiness.

“For good Health: exercise, eat well, meditate. For good Wealth: hard work, luck, focus. For good Relationships: trust, sincerity, giving. For being Happy: love, positivity, well-being,” Goenka said in his post on Twitter.

See Harsh Goenka’s post here:

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