Free Wellness Week: 9 Locations Over 9 Days in La Grange.

As the stress of COVID takes its toll on the physical and emotional well-being of everyone, the La Grange Business Association launches Free Wellness Week at nine local wellness businesses as a way to encourage people to try new activities, explore different fitness options and manage self-care.

From October 3 through 11, participants can take advantage of special, limited-time offers at a variety of businesses that can help improve physical, mental and emotional wellness. Want to get your sweat on at a free class? Get a stress assessment? Consult with a personal trainer? The free opportunities include both virtual and in-person classes, equipment, training consultations and screenings that cater to diverse needs and exercise preferences.

“As everyone knows, taking care of yourself at this time is crucial to your mental, physical and spiritual health,” said Dean Bissias, executive director of the Park District of La Grange, the sponsor of the

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