As Globe Gallops Into Vaccine Trials, Insurers Remain Unfazed | Top News

By Noor Zainab Hussain, Carolyn Cohn and Ludwig Burger

LONDON/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – The world is racing towards a vaccine in record time, stirring public concerns about safety to the extent that nine leading developers have felt compelled to issue a pledge to uphold scientific standards and testing rigour.

Yet, while more than 40 experimental COVID-19 vaccines are being tested on humans, the insurance companies with decades of experience in assessing the risks of clinical trials don’t see anything to be unduly concerned about.

Executives at insurer Allianz and brokers Gallagher and Marsh, among the leading players in clinical trials insurance, told Reuters that premiums had only marginally increased so far in the current pandemic.

They argued there was little structural difference to trials carried out in the past, despite drugmakers around the world competing to shatter the fastest time in history for developing a vaccine, which stands at around four

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Zendesk Prioritizes Workforce Wellbeing Across The Globe With Modern Health

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Modern Health, the global preventative mental wellness platform, today announced its partnership with CRM software leader, Zendesk, to provide comprehensive mental health support to its global workforce.

The outbreak of COVID-19 rapidly created a new normal for the working world with entirely¬† remote workforces tethered to technology and facing what could feel like an unrelenting wave of stress and anxiety.¬† Zendesk executive and human resources teams were quick to prioritize their employees’ mental wellbeing and wanted the right support in place to proactively manage the new stress employees were facing. In addition to encouraging all employees to prioritize self-care, the team wanted a meaningful approach which would include a comprehensive solution for mindfulness and mental health.

“We were looking for a solution that would cater to our employees’ diverse mental health needs as we know that everyone is facing their own

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Devoted Individuals Battling Inequality Around the Globe

As I read, Mountains beyond Mountains and Strength in What Remains both written by Tracy Kidder, I could not help to think of how privileged we are here in the United States of America. These books got me thinking critically and analytically about the desperate situations of the unfortunate all over the world. These books were decisively written to those individuals around the world with the capability and aspiration to help others in dire situations. Paul Farmer, a physician and a medical anthropologist, is the main protagonist in the accredited novel Mountains beyond Mountains. Deo, a young man who survived two civil wars and strived for success and a life devoted to helping others through medicine is the character Strength in What Remains is based on. The three areas of focus are inequality around the globe on how these two physicians tackle this concern in relation to medicine. Does everyone … Read More