North Bay Spirit Award winner gleans food for residents, organizations in need

Love has kept her organization lean by going light on overhead. There is no office. The volunteers work from home and out of a donated van tricked out with tarps, buckets, pickers, ladders and now sanitizer.

Food waste amid need

Gleaning may be altruistic, but it’s also common sense. Some 30-40% of the nation’s food supply is wasted, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. While not all that food is agricultural waste, tons of fresh edibles wind up in landfills and compost.

The county’s most recent hunger index, from before the pandemic, found at least one third of Sonoma County residents couldn’t afford three healthy meals a day.

“Our economy is taking a brutal hit,” Estes said, referring to the multiple disasters of wildfires and the pandemic. “I just feel so lucky I get to be the Robin Hood who gets to deliver food from farmers who have been

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