How the $36 billion vitamin industry tricked a generation of adults into believing sugary gummies were the ticket to good health

Gummy vitamins are dominating America’s supplement industry.
  • America’s supplement industry is slated to pass $36 billion this year in sales.
  • One of the break-out categories is gummy vitamins, which has become the No. 1 way those under 35 buy their supplements.
  • But some consumer advocates and doctors worry that those supplements don’t have as many benefits as people think.
  • “I don’t think it’s necessarily moving the health of our country forward, but it’s good marketing,” one professor at Harvard Medical School and longtime doctor told Business Insider. 
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Robert Shmerling’s patients eat too much candy. They think it’s good for them.

That candy — colorful, chewy, shaped like orange slices and teddy bears  — is the gummy vitamin. Shmerling, who’s been a rheumatologist in the Boston area for three decades and is a professor at Harvard Medical School, said some of

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Andor Health Collaborates with Mentor to Deliver Next Generation, AI-Powered Virtual Experiences with Microsoft Technology

ThinkAndor™ revolutionizes virtual health with AI virtual assistant and full clinical system integration for meaningful, frictionless patient and provider experiences for Mentor customers

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Andor Health and Mentor Worldwide LLC have formed a collaboration to provide the aesthetic physician community with the next-generation virtual health experiences to enhance the relationship between a surgeon and their patients.   

Andor Health (PRNewsfoto/Andor Health)Andor Health (PRNewsfoto/Andor Health)
Andor Health (PRNewsfoto/Andor Health)

As part of the initiative, Andor Health will use Microsoft Azure and its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to provide innovative ways to enable virtual health visits, delivering frictionless, enhanced provider and patient experiences in a sustainable way. The importance of this initiative was heightened as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the ability of plastic surgeons and their practices to safely connect with their patients.

ThinkAndor™, the AI-powered platform for healthcare institutions, uses Azure AI and Microsoft Teams to help configure pre- and post-visit patient

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Text Neck and the Heads Down Generation

There’s a new “buzzword” circulating the health news: Text Neck – a term used to describe pain and damage in the neck caused by looking down at a mobile phone.

Text Neck is on the rise!

But why is this modern condition causing pain and discomfort when people have always bent their necks to read?

Texting adds yet another activity that relies on the neck and head tilting forward and people tend to do it for prolonged periods. What’s even more concerning is the fact that adolescents and children could be risking permanent damage to their necks which could possibly even lead to lifelong discomfort.

So what are the signs and symptoms of this new age complaint?

Text Neck usually presents with neck soreness and pain but can sometimes cause severe and acute muscle pain in the upper back. Other symptoms may include:

  • Sharp pain in the upper back or
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Health Opportunities Await the Baby Boomer Generation

Sure, we all have seen and read about how health conscious the Baby Boomer Generation is these days. However, if you take a closer look, you may be quite surprised by health statistics for this demographic.

Medical research studies have revealed that the Baby Boomer Generation is not nearly as physically fit and healthy as their reputation would have us believe, when compared to the previous generation. The good news is that abundant health opportunities await those willing and able to make lifestyle changes for better health.

According to a study of 54 year old Baby Boomer participants published on February 4th, 2013 by the Journal of American Medicine, also known as JAMA, “Boomers were less likely to report excellent health and to suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other maladies… ” than their counterparts in the previous generation. That is, many suffer more from conditions and illnesses related to … Read More