Genasante’ Review

Read this Genasante’ review if you are thinking about partnering with this network marketing company that recently joined the health and wellness direct selling arena. Their mission is to have a positive impact on global health by providing science-based health and longevity products. The impressive company leadership team led by CEO Monte Taylor believes that the products they produce, the initiatives they support, their business practices and the opportunity they provide must be consistent with their values.

I discovered when doing this Genasante’ review that their business concept is based on what they refer to as the 7 pillar system which is a holistic wellness model for the company, their products, distributors and their customers. The 7 pillars are made up of the following;

  • Core Nutrition Products
  • Giving
  • Income Opportunity
  • Healthy Living Education
  • Follow Up Nutritional Testing
  • Healthy Foods
  • Natural Home Spa Products

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An Independent GenaSante Review – Is This The Health And Wellness MLM For You?

Since you have found your way to this GenaSante review, you are most likely evaluating the company and its opportunity. As of this writing GenaSante is in pre-launch. While it is very important to look closely at any MLM opportunity, it is doubly important to look closely at a pre-launch MLM. Here is the good and the bad. Good: a pre-launch can really be a ground floor opportunity. You can get ahead of the wave and make huge money. Bad: there may not be a wave. Or at least not a big one. A Network Marketing company is like any other company. They are a safer investment when they have been around a while.

This doesn’t mean they can’t work out. They can and do work. It all depends on your risk tolerance. So what does GenaSante do? They are looking to become a major player in a huge market. … Read More