6 Health Issues of Tokay Geckos That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Tokays are generally easy to maintain. However, sometimes your Tokays will suffer from health issues. Whether they had these health issues before you bought them (especially if they were caught in the wild) or may have risen because of stress or because of a poor husbandry, it is best that you know these different health problems that your gecko may suffer from to be able to address them appropriately.

Loss of Appetite

There are several reasons why your Tokay may refuse to eat. One of the most dangerous and causes rapid weight loss to your geckos is the presence of internal parasites. When this happens, it is best that you immediately seek the help of your veterinarian (herp vet). Emergency feedings are usually done to replace the lost nutrients (however, this may require the prescription of your vet to avoid unnecessary side effects). Stress and low temperature are also among … Read More

4 Common Health Issues of Tokay Geckos and How to Deal With Them

As the pet owner, you need to make sure that your gecko is healthy all the time. It’s not enough that you give them food and keep their tanks well. There are many other factors that affect the physical condition of geckos. The good thing about them though is that they don’t require too much attention like most domesticated animals. You can leave them for a day all alone without having to worry about their welfare. But then again, you need to make sure that all their needs are met in order to keep your geckos healthy and happy.

If you’re new to raising geckos, particularly Tokay geckos, below are some of the most common health issues they may encounter. Let’s discuss each one of them thoroughly so you will know what to do when confronted with such issues.


Geckos can tolerate a few internal parasites just like humans … Read More