Baystate Health treating a dozen patients infected with COVID-19

SPRINGFIELD – Baystate Health is reporting the number of people hospitalized has remained steady this month, despite an uptick in cases in Springfield that moved the city into a higher-risk category this week.

On Sunday, a dozen people who have tested positive for the disease are being treated at Baystate hospitals, one of whom is in the critical care unit. The previous week there were 13 patients being treated for COVID-19 and six were in critical care units.

The numbers have declined dramatically from April when a high of 179 patients were being treated at Baystate Health facilities.

However, Springfield reported a spike in cases last week after seeing the daily rates of infection drop into the single digits. On Wednesday, Helen Caulton-Harris, commissioner of health and human services, said 24 new cases had been reported on that day.

The city reported a record low of 29 cases in the

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