Downing Street push to send asylum seekers abroad

a bench in front of 10 Downing Street: Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

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Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

Top story: ‘Significant political and logistical obstacles’

Hello and welcome to this Thursday briefing with me, Alison Rourke.

Downing Street has asked officials to consider the option of sending asylum seekers to Moldova, Morocco or Papua New Guinea to be held in offshore detention centres, according to documents seen by the Guardian. The Foreign Office (FCO) was asked by No 10 to “offer advice on possible options for negotiating an offshore asylum processing facility similar to the Australian model in Papua New Guinea and Nauru”. But the FCO’s advice appeared highly dismissive of the idea, warning of “significant political and logistical obstacles” to sending asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea. It said it was “highly unlikely” that Morocco would agree to hosting asylum seekers and that Moldova had “endemic” corruption. Plans to process asylum seekers at offshore centres in Ascension or St

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