A healthy dose of justice: When the vaccine comes, a COVID vulnerability index can help achieve both

There’s been lively discussion about whether people will be willing to take a vaccine for COVID-19 when it becomes available. It’s a question each of us will have to answer for ourselves sooner or later. But the debate obscures a more complex reality: when an effective and safe vaccine finally arrives, it will initially be in scarce supply. No country or business has the manufacturing capacity to quickly provide enough doses for an entire population.

The big question we should be considering, therefore, is who should get vaccinated first, and who should be next in line thereafter? Do certain groups within the population deserve priority over others? And if so, what considerations should influence these decisions?

This is not the first time we’ve been faced with this type of “allocation problem.” Typically, vaccine allocation decisions are made with a view toward maximizing the overall health benefit: to achieve the greatest

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Healthy dose of rain Bay Area was hoping for this weekend is not coming after all, latest forecast shows

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — If you are wondering if rain is still on the way for the Bay Area?

ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco says it looks like chances of wet weather for this weekend are drying up, bringing little relief for firefighters battling wildfires in the region.

Nicco is tracking two forecasts, right now. Unfortunately, he says the European model, which was the wettest, is trending dry.

Future radar shows “at midnight Friday, the storm system is a lot farther to the west and it just kind of falls apart as we head through the morning hours and into the evening.”

You can expect cooler temperatures in the afternoon hours.

“There’s a slight change of some drizzle,” said Nicco. But it’s not much.

“Our next system is looking like a Saturday event, but not the good healthy rain that we were hoping for,” added Nicco.

As we head through

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First RCT in COVID Anticoagulation Says Go Full Dose

Therapeutic-level dosing of enoxaparin (Lovenox) improved respiratory outcomes in severe COVID-19, a pilot randomized trial showed.

Gas exchange measured by the PaO2/FiO2 ratio improved significantly over time in the 10-patient therapeutic group (from 163 at baseline to 209 at 7 days and 261 at 14 days, P=0.0004) but not in the 10-patient control group receiving lower prophylactic-level doses in the open-label study (184, 168, and 195, respectively, P=0.487).

Compared with prophylactic dosing of the drug, therapeutic dosing also led to four-fold more patients being weaned off of mechanical ventilation (P=0.031) and more ventilator-free days (15 vs 0 days, P=0.028), Carlos Henrique Miranda, MD, PhD, of São Paulo University in Brazil, and colleagues reported in Thrombosis Research.

Three patients died within 28 days with therapeutic anticoagulation (two secondary to healthcare-associated infections) versus one with prophylactic dosing, but the difference wasn’t statistically significant.

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