Fruit d’Or Expects Big Impact of Qualified Health Claim for Cranberry Supplements

Silver Spring, MD—FDA has authorized a qualified health claim for supplements containing a daily serving of 500mg of whole fruit cranberry, according to a press release from Fruit d’Or.

The press release explains that three wording options have been authorized, including: “Limited scientific evidence shows that by consuming 500 mg each day of cranberry dietary supplement, healthy women who have had a urinary tract infection (UTI) may reduce their risk of recurrent UTI.”

“Fruit d’Or, a farm-to-finish company, is one of the primary beneficiaries of this great news. More companies are calling us looking to formulate with whole fruit cranberry powder because no one else has our level of expertise,” said Jean Leclerc, Director of Sales and Business Development for Fruit d’Or, in the press release. “With this ruling, the FDA is raising the bar by recognizing whole fruit powder for both its soluble and insoluble proanthocyanins (PACs). We’ve

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