Trudeau prepares for possible ‘disruptions’ after U.S. election outcome; Edmonton faces new voluntary restrictions

On Thursday, Oct. 8, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada needs to be ready for “all outcomes” of the U.S. presidential election, such as if there are any “disruptions” following the result.

Trudeau shared his thoughts on the controversy in the U.S., after announcing a $295 million investment from the federal government into a Ford Motor Co. assembly complex in Ontario. The investment, which was matched by Premier Doug Ford’s provincial government, will make it a global hub for battery electric vehicle production.

In Alberta, a record-high spike of 364 new daily cases was announced. Dr. Deena Hinshaw said that a worrisome trend may have developed in its epicentre of Edmonton — where new voluntary restrictions have been introduced — because some people will only follow public health recommendations if they’ve been “personally impacted” by COVID-19.

In Prince Edward Island, the province’s top doctor raised concern about the current

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