Last night, Trump pretended he has a plan for health care. His only plan is to dismantle the ACA.

Last night, Colorado families gathered together to tune into the first presidential debate. And what they saw was one leader on the stage — and one pathological liar.

President Donald Trump knows all too well that he can’t defend his record of failure. From putting millions of Americans out of work, including more than 200,000 in Colorado alone, to waging a relentless campaign to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Trump’s presidency has been an utter disaster for working families. So it’s no surprise Trump resorted yet again to spewing lies and empty rhetoric to distract from his failed leadership.

One of the biggest concerns of the night came near the end when Trump tried to, once again, undermine our vote-by-mail system through lies. Here in Colorado, we’ve had vote-by-mail for years and are considered the golden standard across the nation. Republicans and Democrats agree that it is easy, convenient, and

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