FDA issues warning to 5 companies selling dietary supplements containing cesium chloride

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to five companies currently marketing dietary supplements containing cesium chloride in letters posted on Tuesday. The FDA has previously warned consumers and health care professionals against using supplements containing cesium salts after the health agency found significant safety risks associated with it being used in compounded drugs.

“The FDA will continue to take action against dietary supplements that contain cesium chloride because of significant safety concerns – including heart toxicity and potential death – associated with this ingredient,” Steven Tave, director of the office of dietary supplement programs in the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, said. “We take very seriously our role to protect the public from dangerous dietary supplements.”


The regulatory agency requires companies

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Your Good Health: Dietary fibre more beneficial than psyllium

dr_keith_roach_with_bkg.jpgDear Dr. Roach: I’m 35, and have newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes. My hemoglobin A1C went down from 7% to 6.6% on metformin, and my doctor just added Januvia. My cholesterol level is also a bit elevated, and I would like to get my cholesterol and triglycerides down a bit. I am taking Crestor.


My question is about the role of fibre supplementation. I know fibre can be helpful both in regulating glucose and also improving cholesterol. What type or amount of fibre supplement do you recommend for this purpose? Of course, I’ll add more oats to my diet, too.


Consuming high amounts of dietary fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, colon cancer, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and overall death. Increasing dietary fibre led to a reduced risk of heart disease and death in people who just had a heart attack. In people with existing

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Study finds link between screen time, dietary patterns and various health behaviors

The era of the television brought with it the TV dinner — a fast, convenient meal that, while nutritionally questionable, meant the whole family could gather together on the sofa to enjoy “The Ed Sullivan Show” and eat their Swanson Salisbury steak, too.

Over the next several decades, advancements in technology and the ubiquity of streaming services has allowed for the proliferation of binge-watching culture, where hours spent sedentary rack up faster than “Jeopardy” points, and greasy fast food is only a few taps on your smartphone away.

Chris Wharton, assistant dean of innovation and strategic initiatives at Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions, whose research interests include lifestylewide behavior change, wanted to know what kind of relationship the time we spend in front of screens has with various health behaviors and factors.

In a study recently published in BMC Public

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Here are some dietary and mental health tips

a man holding his hand up

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It is difficult for a sick person to be in the best mental shape. And it can be equally draining for a person who is caring for and looking after them. As such, it becomes important to continue living as normal a life as possible, while eating well and engaging in some hobbies.

Dr A S Mathur, Nephrologist, NephroPlus Dialysis Center says when a person with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) reaches the end stage (stage V) of renal disease, the kidneys no longer function healthily. They are unable to remove the toxins, metabolic wastes and excess fluid from the bloodstream effectively. At this point, dialysis is required to flush out unwanted toxins, excess fluid and waste products by filtering the blood.

“Apart from preventing the accumulation of excess waste in the body, the purpose of dialysis is also to help control blood pressure and

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Dietary Fiber’s Role in Maintaining Good Health

When you hear dietary advice it almost always includes a call to get the right amount of Dietary fiber each day. But what exactly is dietary fiber? What is it that makes fiber such an important part of a healthy diet? Fiber is really a generalized term that refers to all the edible parts of plants that at the same time are indigestible. So you can’t digest it? Then what’s the point in eating it?

Non Starch Polysaccharides to give them their scientific name are found in fruits vegetables and grains. They are broken down in the intestines but don’t provide any nutritive value. What they do well though is to help the digestive tract function at it’s best. They have also been shown to prevent many serious diseases. If your digestive system is working well then your immune system also functions better.

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