North Texas woman opens healthy, organic dessert cafe

In a decision that might have saved her daughter’s life, Dorothy Warda turned to nothing.

As in no preservatives and a 100% organic diet. Warda in turn was inspired to open DessertsRX cafe in Colleyville, which serves organic delights to its customers.

At age 5, her daughter Nina’s blood vessels started to break and she developed many different rashes, Dorothy said.

“We went from one doctor to another; some suggested it may be cancer — leukemia — others suspected hemophilia, and I was being sent from one oncology clinic to another just to rule out another theory,” she said. “I was terrified all that time, looking for answers and got none.

“I saw many children undergoing chemo at those clinics and it was just heartbreaking.”

Dorothy started looking for answers on the internet when she came across information about eating right and proper nutrition. She did not know about GMOs,

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