Health and Wellness Week on DesignTV by SANDOW

Last week, DesignTV by SANDOW focused exclusively on updating and upgrading built environments dedicated to health and wellness. Experts from different corners of the industry weighed in on trends they see emerging and innovative projects they’ve completed.


To begin the week, Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen speaks with Patrick Keane, Design Director of Enter Projects to chat all things design and take a closer look at their latest project, an innovative yoga studio, Vikasa on 24.

Watch the entire 1on1 segment with Patrick Keane here:


In this presentation for Health and Wellness week on DesignTV by SANDOW, Cindy Allen sits down for a lively conversation with Braulio Baptista of ZGF Architects about one of its latest designs, a medical research lab for The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation in Los Angeles.

Watch the full 1on1

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