How Do I Choose the Right Hospital For My Needs?

The first step in choosing the proper hospital is determining how you are going to pay for your medical care. Hospital stays average tens of thousands of dollars. Make sure that your health insurance provider will pay for your treatment at a specific hospital. If you’re having a scheduled procedure, most insurers require that you get pre-approval to guarantee that the hospital bill will be paid.

For emergency care, the same consideration needs to be made. Choose a health plan that will cover treatment at the hospital of your choice. Although it is true that no U.S. hospital can deny you treatment for lack of insurance, it’s also true that someone has to pay for that treatment. You might get admitted to an emergency room for a broken leg and next month receive a bill for a $700 X-ray, a $1,000 ER fee, $2,000 for the resident and $500 for … Read More

CNA Certification in Idaho and OBRA Requirements

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1987 was passed to improve the quality of care in the Nursing Facilities (NFs) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). OBRA requires nursing assistants to complete Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP) of 75 hours, and pass the Competency evaluation Program (CEP) to be eligible to assist residents with ADL and direct patient cares.

The legislation further requires all states to include minimum OBRA education standards in their training programs, and maintain a state Nurse Aide registry to list all certified nurse aides who successfully meet the OBRA Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation (NATCEP) requirements, and earn CNA Certification proving their competency. Federal regulations also direct the licensed, and skilled nursing facilities to employ only these certified nursing aides for direct patient cares who are listed on the Registry in good standing.

The state of Idaho has also included federal provisions in the state … Read More

Government Grants Within the US Disaster Prevention and Relief Sector

According to the Disaster Survival Resources website, there has been about 640 disastrous events (floods, tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes, cyclones, etc.) that have occurred in the U. S. since 1980 to 2010. Cumulatively, these devastating instances have taken away the lives of 12, 366 people.

Because of this, the issue of disaster prevention and relief consolidation is very much essential to any government, most especially the United States Government.

In order to correctly address disaster prevention and relief consolidation concerns, the United States government has established a slew of agencies that are primarily responsible for attending to those issues.

First up, is the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, more typically known as the DHS. The DHS was generally established to defend the United States of America from to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural tragedies.

The DHS works in the civilian sphere and employs around 240,000 employees, with job responsibilities … Read More

Is Your Drink Making You Fat?

Is the drink in your hand contributing to the bulge around your middle? Sorry to say, but your favorite wine is definitely doing just that. Any glass of wine contains an equal amount of calories a small chunk of chocolate does, and one pint of larger matches the calories in a pack of salty crisps.

Selling you a drink in a restaurant, bar or club is a part of UK businesses. Almost every food business has alcohol beverages on the menu because an average UK resident consumes over 2000 kcal through alcohol every single month!

The statistics are astounding, having a drink five times a week will provide the drinker with as many as 44,200 kcal over a period of one year – now that’s equal to downing 221 doughnuts! As if drinking were not enough think about the snacks that go along with the beverage! These could be anything … Read More

Medical Billing Coding Certification Is Necessary to Reduce Bogus Charges and Improve Reimbursement

Without professionals who operate using high standards and who have received medical billing and coding certification, a suspicious charge on your bill may end up damaging your credit score. Health finance professionals believe that up to 40% of hospital bills will contain billing errors. A Boston-based health care advocacy group, the Access Project, believes that number is closer to 80%.

Medical billing errors can reduce your credit score. Results from a study from the Federal Reserve indicate that medical bills account for more than half of all the debt currently in collection. Inaccurate billing by a physician office and hospital can increase your financial debt and can be more than just an inconvenience.

Hospitals and physician offices are looking for professionals who have received certification in order to demonstrate their knowledge and reduce the potential that they will produce in billing errors. These billing errors impact, not only the patients … Read More

Conrad 30 J-1 Waiver Program Set to End – What Does It Mean and Can Proposed New Law Save the Day?

Since 1994, the Conrad 30 (“J-1 Waiver”) program allows each state (plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) to sponsor up to 30 physicians for J-1 waivers each year. The J-1 waiver lets J-1 physicians work immediately after training, rather than return to their home countries for two years as required by the J-1 visa “home country” rule.

Despite its longevity, the Conrad 30 program is not a permanent program and requires Congressional re-authorization to continue. In other words, it is a “sunset” law. Healthcare employers and J-1 physicians should know that the program is set to expire or sunset on September 30, 2015.

Most think the law will be extended once again but what happens if the program does indeed sunset and is not reauthorized? Fortunately, the program will not end immediately.

Instead, J-1 physicians already training in the U.S. before September 30, 2015 can … Read More

Things to Know and Understand About DOT Physicals

Driving commercial vehicles are of great significance. The drivers are required to be sensible while driving the vehicles. The Department of Transport (DOT) often comes up with special drives to find out of your driver is sensible towards safety measures to their personal life as well as public life. You need to take the initiative at the right point of time so that your drivers can prove their efficiency with the steering wheel. The DOT physical test is a similar drive that checks if the drivers are perfect to carry out their responsibilities as a driver. The test is conducted by registered doctors. The test is conducted strictly on the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It ensures if the CDL drivers and various other safety-sensitive employees are in perfect health condition mentally as well as physically.

The entire procedure of DOT Physicals is conducted in the … Read More

How to Join Discovery Health’s National Body Challenge

Listen up America, Discovery Channel wants you to join the Discovery Health’s National Body Challenge! It is a weight loss and health challenge that aims to keep America fit and healthy for life.

It actually started as an eight-week fitness and health program started to kick off the New Year right but now it operates as a comprehensive health and weight loss program designed to help people lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

The health and weight loss challenge by Discovery Channel is handled by health experts such as doctors and fitness trainers so you are guaranteed of a safe and medically-approved program.

The eight-week time period required by the program is based on the recommendation of experts who say that it is just the enough time period for most people to realize their goals, make changes in their life and see the results they wanted.

The Discovery Channel’s … Read More

Problem With Man – Decreasing Testosterone Because of Micro Evolution

Before the increase in technology, there was a simple system that seemed to work.

The irony is that along with our growth in knowledge, when it comes to technology, we have become far more foolish when it comes to the dispensation of humanities survival. Long ago, Man was the hunter and provider of food, having to be strong to defeat a mighty mammoth, or to defend his tribe (women and children) against invaders and wild animals. Mans’ testosterone levels had to be high, for he was relied upon more for his strength and agility then for his technical skills.

The Woman was the nurturer, the one who cared for the children, keeping them fed, warm, and fit. Her estrogen level had to be higher for the care she provided for her family. She kept the camp or cave comfortable for the children and the Man who was the bringer of … Read More

Success Versus Failure in the Exercise Department

Success is what you are prepared to make of yourself every single day. That one cold morning when you want to roll over but instead get up and go to workout, is a defining moment. Success boosts self-confidence and is self perpetuating. We all know it, thrive on it and love it.

Failure on the other hand is perceived as a stressful, negative experience. It means challenge, difficulties, not knowing or worst of all defeat. It affects our self-esteem negatively, builds upon itself and could become a pattern. It could mean a threat to our survival. So we have an aversion to it. We dislike failure.

Well, did you know that failure like stress is actually good for you?

Out of the trial and error, the grueling and rigorous demands of trying and failing we humans learned what worked to survive.

Failure is something we as humans need to encounter … Read More