Denmark boosts its support to WHO to improve global health

On 5 October 2020, WHO and Denmark signed a multiyear agreement in which Denmark increased its flexible support to WHO.

As part of the agreement, Denmark’s funding to WHO will exceed 140 million Danish kroner (over US$ 20 million) of flexible and thematic contributions for the 2020-2023 period.

Denmark’s voluntary flexible contributions rise to 25 million Danish kroner (over US$ 3.9 million) per year. A further 10 million Danish kroner (over US$ 1.5 million) of thematic funds will be provided to WHO broadly earmarked towards the battle of non-communicable diseases.

The Danish government commits to doubling Denmark’s voluntary core contribution to @WHO from 2021, subject to parliamentary approval, to take global responsibility in strengthening health for the most vulnerable. @RasmusPrehn #healthforall; Morten Jespersen (@DKAmb_UNGva) September 2, 2020

The Danish Government announced in September their commitment to double Denmark’s voluntary core contribution

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