Marigold Cure For Blindness From Macular Degeneration

Cure for Blindness from Macular Degeneration?

Retired optician, 73 year old Harry Marsland was going blind from macular degeneration. He believes he cured himself with a marigold food supplement. Marsland’s eye condition had deteriorated so severely, he was not able to function on his own. He was blind in his right eye and had very little sight left in his left eye.

As nothing else had helped, he took matters into his own hands and began trying other types of treatments. None of the treatments were effective until he experimented with a marigold supplement. Within a few months, he had regained the vision in one eye and had a definite improvement in the other eye. Marsland had lost the vision in his left eye in 2001.

He got the information on the marigold supplement from his Ophthamologist. It was a leaflet on a product called Macushield, which contained Lutein and … Read More