FDA In Trouble For Deeming 10,000+ Chemicals Safe

It’s one thing to be conscious of the types of food you eat, however, there’s another key part to eating healthy that is often out of your control: Food additives.

The FDA allows for some 10,000 chemicals to be added to foods, a few of which are known to disrupt your hormones. These chemicals are often linked to cognitive, developmental, and various other health issues in both adults and babies. Now, health experts are filing a petition to ramp up FDA’s regulations of these potentially harmful substances, a request that was originally outlined¬†by Congress in the 1958 Food Additives Amendment.

“The FDA never considers the overall effect of these 10,000 chemicals on people’s health, which is what Congress was after,” Tom Neltner, the chemicals policy director for the Environmental Defense Fund, said to CNN Health.¬†

The petition argues that the FDA has failed to take into account the

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