The Key To Health Care’s Success Post-Pandemic? Decentralization

Sarah is the CTO of Sight Diagnostics, a company transforming healthcare through fast, accurate and less painful blood testing.

Technology experts have long known that decentralized systems, while sometimes more unwieldy and expensive to manage, are far more adaptable and resilient to disasters. The health care industry has historically lagged behind in such reform, but the Covid-19 pandemic has entirely changed the way patients interact with their health. It’s clear to me that post-pandemic, we will see a shift toward the decentralization of care. 

Transforming Traditional Care Delivery Models

A clinical model based around a centralized hospital that provides diagnosis, treatment and disease management may no longer make sense. The American Hospital Association reports that hospitals are losing more than $50 billion per month as a result of canceling procedures and redirecting focus to treat Covid-19 patients.

In order to survive these bleak financial projections, hospitals should adapt

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