Non-Invasive Technique for LV Pressure-Volume Curves in the Works

A non-invasive echocardiographic technique generated left ventricular (LV) pressure strain-volume loop curves for people with aortic regurgitation and other cardiac conditions, one group confirmed.

The pilot study had 10 people undergo strain echocardiography along with software for evaluating myocardial work to assess cardiac structure and function. Blood pressure was obtained at the time of imaging to create pressure-volume curves.

Different curves were generated for patients whose clinical indications for echocardiography included congestive heart failure, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, amyloid heart disease, diabetic cardiomyopathy, and breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy, according to Siu-Hin Wan, MD, of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and colleagues reporting in a poster at this year’s virtual Heart Failure Society of America meeting.

The group highlighted the potential application of the technique in aortic regurgitation in particular.

To illustrate their point, the authors compared the LV pressure curve for a 77-year-old man with chronic asymptomatic severe aortic regurgitation with

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