COVID-19 curriculum aims to reshape public health education

small pox hospital
“View of Smallpox Hospital” by Paul Emmert, c. 1853–59, Hawaiʻi Historical Society

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted educators in Hawaiʻi to provide a historical look at contagious diseases in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. An interdisciplinary curriculum, COVID-19, the Latest Hawaiian Epidemic: Educating for Health, Responsibility, and Resilience Through a Place-Based, Cultural Lens, that compares and contrasts Hawaiian historical timelines and science phenomena associated with COVID-19, is the brainchild of University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa College of Education Curriculum Studies Professor Pauline Chinn.

Pauline Chinn

The curriculum has multiple purposes: to understand COVID-19 in historical contexts, examine leaders’ actions in a crisis, and teach students about ways to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. Chinn, graduate students Kaleolani Hanohano and Alison Yasuoka, and Hawaiian translator graduate assistants Riley Wells and Kyle Nakatsuka, developed a series of lessons that include: hands-on activities, simulations, models,

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Fun Learning Under K-12 Curriculum – All for The Achievement of Human Excellence

Lucky were the pupils who had a chance to enjoy learning: what with all the needed support from stakeholders around –a journey to learning was truly fun and meaningful.

With sane curriculum catering their needs for authentic learning life skills were taught through the lessons/activities in and out the classroom provided by a conscientious and effective classroom teacher.

Parental support and utmost attention to their needs were given like books, technology, among others–learners had the opportunities developing their expected competencies, showcasing their passion; thus, making great impact on their learning.

I had always see to it that each lesson, project, or assignment was within the learning environment/experiences of my pupils. The following learning activities tell us all about how I had translated K-12 curriculum into authentic, relevant and impactful learning:

Mini Tour Around the City

Community familiarization :through the help of parents, Agilan kids were able to see different … Read More