Coronavirus latest: Finland crosses 10,000-infection mark, cases rise among young adults | Yle Uutiset

Kasvomaskia käyttävä asiakas ravintolassa Helsingissä 19. elokuuta 2020.
Restaurants, bars and clubs will be subject to new guidelines from 8 October

Image: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva

  • 10,103 lab-confirmed infections as of Thursday 1.10 (up by 111 since Wednesday)
  • 344 deaths linked to coronavirus as of Wednesday 30.9 (up by 1 since 23.9)
  • 19 people in hospital, 4 of whom in intensive care as of Wednesday 28.9
  • Hospital districts report on deaths and hospitalised patients on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

1.10 17:40 Crisis-era collective agreement in hospitality sector

Some 85,000 employees in tourism, restaurants and recreational services have a new contract that runs through March 2022.

However, due to uncertainty because of pandemic-related restrictions, perhaps the most crucial part of the agreement – wages – will not be negotiated until next year.

More details in this article.

1.10 15:15 Are the measures government announced this week enough?

As Finland grapples with an ‘acceleration stage’ of the coronavirus epidemic, the

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With Flags, Crosses and Photos, Mourning 200,000 Dead

Twelve days after his wife died of the coronavirus, increasing the enormous toll in the United States by one, Michael Davis, dazed and grieving, went back to work.

He hoped that his job, at an assembly plant in Louisville, Ky., would keep his hands busy, which might then occupy his mind, too. Maybe it would ease his longing for Dana, 51, a nurse with blonde hair and a bright smile. They were just shy of their seventh wedding anniversary when the coronavirus took her life.

But at work, it felt like the pandemic was the only thing people could think about, the center of conversation at his sprawling factory. And on the news, every story seemed to be about the coronavirus.

“Everything’s corona, everything’s corona — that’s all you hear about all the time,” Mr. Davis said. “You don’t want that reminder all the time of why she’s gone.”


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