Two Marmora residents sentenced in state benefits fraud scheme | Crime

The conspirators also learned that some New Jersey state and local government and education employees, including teachers, firefighters and state troopers, had insurance coverage for these particular medications, Carpenito said.

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An entity referred to in court documents as the “Pharmacy Benefits Administrator” provided pharmacy benefit management services for the State Health Benefits Program, which covers qualified state and local government employees, retirees and eligible dependents, and the School Employees’ Health Benefits Program, which covers qualified local education employees, retirees and eligible dependents, Carpenito said.

Given that McAllister and Wildman were employees of the state’s public education system, they had access to and recruited others in the system to participate in the scheme, Carpenito said.

Status conference in prescription fraud case held via telephone last month, next court date set

CAMDEN — A status conference for the five South Jersey co-defendants who have pleaded not gu…

The prescriptions were faxed to Central Rexall, which

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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson seizes moment, using Health Department restructuring to advance programs to address racism, crime

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mayor Frank Jackson envisions his “top-down” restructuring of the city’s Department of Public Health accomplishing more than just addressing complaints about unfair treatment workers.

In an interview with and The Plain Dealer, Jackson said he aims to refocus the department to address underlying health issues that are caused by racism and can lead to crime.

“It gives a mission to the Health Department that’s not traditional,” Jackson said. “It falls within my philosophy of how to govern. … Governing means doing something.”

Doing something, in this case, also includes aligning the department with Cleveland’s 22 recreation centers, which Jackson wants to become resource centers that help families connect to social and health services.

All this might have happened anyway, Jackson said. But he sped up the process after an investigation into the department’s operations revealed leadership issues, poor morale, and a negative environment.

The shakeup included

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SSRIs Linked to ‘Small But Significant’ Increase in Violent Crime

There is a small but significant increased risk for committing violent crime in individuals who take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), new research suggests.

A large-scale analysis of Swedish population data showed only 3% of individuals taking SSRIs were convicted for a violent crime. However, the drugs were associated with more than a 25% increased risk for such crimes — an effect that lasted up to 12 weeks after these medications were discontinued.

Still, the risk for violent crime among those taking SSRIs is “very, very rare, and doctors should only really talk to people [about it] who’ve had a history of this outcome before,” lead author Tyra Lagerberg, a PhD student at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, told Medscape Medical News.

That said, “people should be encouraged to self-report if they feel more aggressive or hostile during treatment,” Lagerberg added.

The findings were presented at the 33rd European College

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