Amazon Halo Band review: Creepy yet unobtrusive and useful for quantified self health data junkies

Amazon Halo Band is a fitness, mood and wellness tracker that can be a bit creepy but may find its own niche with its unique spin on wearables and enterprise corporate wellness programs.

I’ve been taking the Halo for a spin for the last three days and have now entered the obsessive quantified self disorder zone. I’m wearing my usual Garmin Fenix 6 on the left hand and Halo Band on the right.


Amazon Halo Band riding shotgun with my Garmin Fenix 6. 

Oddly enough, this two-pronged device strategy is filling in a few gaps. Whether this quantified self adventure continues remains to be seen, but Halo Band is providing enough insights to for me to think that it’ll stick around. The device, which was announced in August, also has the cost structure and features to be bundled into enterprise wellness programs.

To really decide whether Halo is worth the

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