Study: cow’s milk formula doubles babies’ risk for asthma compared with breastfeeding

Oct. 2 (UPI) — Infants who receive cow’s milk-based formula in addition to breast milk are nearly twice as likely to develop asthma or recurrent wheeze, according to a study published Friday by JAMA Network Open.

Among infants who received milk formula as a supplement to breastfeeding from birth to 5 months, 18% developed asthma or recurrent wheezing, the data showed.

Conversely, only 10% of the infants who were breastfed only — as well as those who received breast milk plus amino acid-based elemental formula — during their first few months of life experienced these breathing issues, the researchers said.

“Breastfeeding with or without elemental formula for the first three days or more of life appeared to decrease the risk of asthma or recurrent wheeze in young children compared with breastfeeding plus a small amount of cow’s milk formula from the first day of life,” wrote the researchers from Jikei

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