Brazil coronavirus vaccine trials: Volunteers counter anti-vaxxers

“A two-front war,” she said.

It’s one reason the 33-year-old physician is participating in clinical trials for an experimental vaccine by the Chinese manufacturer Sinovac. It might be a chance to inoculate herself against a disease that terrified her. But it was also an opening to align herself with evidence and logic — rather than the doubts and medical falsehoods she saw proliferating across Brazil.

Brazil has long been recognized as one of the vaccine-friendliest countries in the world. It has universal health care, a strong public medical system, a population that has trusted vaccines and a history of carrying out massive and logistically challenging immunization campaigns. Yellow fever, measles and other pathogens have all been brought into submission.

That record, and a relentless coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 150,000 Brazilians and infected more than 5 million, have made Brazil an inviting testing ground in the global race

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State effort seeks to counter mental health problems worsened by pandemic | Local news

“It is difficult for them to accept that something is happening with their mental health,” she said.

The Hispanic community also has a tendency to prioritize work, and other tasks over caring for their health, whether it’s their physical or mental health, Garcia said.

According to NAMI, “Latinx and Hispanic communities show similar vulnerability to mental illness as the white population, however, they face disparities in both access to and the quality of treatment.”

Nationally, about 33% of Hispanic of Latinx adults receive treatment for mental illness annually, compared to the U.S. average of 43%, the NAMI website says.

Latinx and Hispanic communities face language barriers, are less likely to have health insurance and a lack of cultural competence within the medical field may cause misdiagnosis, according to NAMI.

“For instance, they may describe their symptoms of depression as ‘nervios’ (nervousness), tiredness or as a physical ailment. These symptoms are

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