Debate Watchers Are Convinced Mike Pence Has Pink Eye

There was quite a bit to unpack during Wednesday night’s Vice-Presidential debate—one that has gained more significance in recent days following President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. However, while many focused on what both Mike Pence and Kamala Harris had to say, something else  (besides a fly landing on his head) took center stage when it came to the Vice-President—his left eye.

As Pence took his turn to speak at various points—or interrupted Harris during her time—several debate watchers took notice that his left eye appeared to be red, and led many to wonder what was going on.

It also became a concern as many wondered if the Vice-President was suffering from Conjunctivitis—also known as Pink Eye—which can be a symptom of a COVID-19 infection. According to the Journal of Medical Virology, 1.1% of people who had COVID-19 also developed conjunctivitis, with an additional 3.3% of those being people with

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