Coronavirus contagiousness can overtake diligence, Lincoln health director says of own experience | Health and Fitness

By comparison, 14 people were hospitalized in Lincoln for COVID-19 on Sept. 18.

Lax practice of coronavirus precautions among adults of all ages have led to a high level of community spread, Lopez said, so the Health Department opted to keep the local risk dial in the mid-orange range, denoting high risk. 

Local bars have remained compliant with the health restrictions, but with some reports of lapses, Health Department staff and Lincoln police plan to jointly visit bars and assess their adherence to social distancing rules.

Bars with significant violations may receive citations, she said. 

“To control spread, we don’t have to completely stop doing all activities,” Lopez said. “The reality is you can reduce community transmission if you follow some common-sense guidelines.”

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln reported 17 new cases Friday, bringing its total to 801 since Aug. 12.

Lincoln Public Schools reported eight positive cases — two at

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