Consumer Reports: Healthy eating ideas to avoid feeling tired

Right now, many are tapped out with all the strain from the pandemic. Consumer Reports health experts reveal some easy, healthy fixes that might already be in your fridge.

Like so many people, Jessica Ordonez balances working from home, helping her family and the many tasks that demand her energy.

“I have to make sure everyone is fed and eating and has enough sleep, they’re getting bathed, do the laundry, do the cooking, do the cleaning, so these are the normal kinds of things that happen throughout the day,” said parent Jessica Ordonez.

Extra stress, unhealthy habits like overeating and overdrinking, lack of exercise and even boredom can take a toll.

“A lot of days I do feel a little exhausted,” Ordonez said.

The good news is that nutrition can help us feel better. Here are some foods that help boost your energy.

Carbohydrates have a place in your diet,

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82% of Americans Taking Proactive Approach to Health, Consumer Research Reveals

what's sellingwhat's selling

Vancouver, BC—Social Nature, a product discovery and consumer insights platform, has released its latest report on how natural product consumers are shifting their purchasing behavior through COVID-19, according to a press release.

The report surveyed 3,200 online consumers across the U.S. and Canada and found that, despite COVID’s impact on income, 82% of Americans and 79% of Canadians are still taking a more proactive approach to health management compared to the same time last year.

Improving immunity, specifically, was the fastest growing concern, up 25% from last year, the press release says. However, those surveyed made changes elsewhere as well, choosing brands that help with healthy eating, stress reduction, sleep, and emotional health.

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Consumers are also buying products that they

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W2O Acquires Leading Influencer and Entertainment Marketing Agency starpower to Unlock the Power of the Consumer in Health and Wellness

Pioneer in Hollywood Meets Healthcare to Match up Talent, Clients and Causes to Make the World a Healthier Place

W2O, the leading independent provider of analytics-driven, technology-enabled marketing and communications solutions, today announced the acquisition of entertainment and influencer marketing agency starpower. The agency, which has offices in New York and Los Angeles, was founded in 2007 by lifelong friends Matthew Lalin and Jared Weiss. Since then, starpower has been a leader in influencer, celebrity and entertainment marketing, creating innovative and unique partnerships backed by data-driven social strategies for brands across health and wellness, consumer, lifestyle, entertainment and sport.

A pioneer in “Hollywood meets Healthcare,” starpower has engaged high-profile talent to infuse pop culture and relevance into public education, marketing and media campaigns. The team has worked with talent such as Serena Williams, Howie Mandel and Chrissy Teigen along with networks of micro-influencers for targeted social campaigns. Notable work leveraging

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Consumer Spending in Quick Service Restaurants & Growing Online Food Delivery Services

DUBLIN, Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The “United States Foodservice Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020-2025)” report has been added to’s offering.

The US foodservice market is projected to witness a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period, 2020-2025.

Increased digitalization of food service is among the primary factors driving the market, as consumers find it comfortable to book prior and make payments online.

Fast food restaurants focusing on organic produce and healthy food are expected to be the focus of the market in the future. In the United States, the demand for organic food is rapidly rising. However, factors, like rising obesity and health awareness among the consumers, are affecting the market growth, as most fast food products are unhealthy.

Key Market Trends

Consumer Spending in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are fast food restaurants, set apart from full service or table

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Neptune Wellness Inks Distribution Deal With Global Consumer Goods Company

(RTTNews) – Neptune Wellness Solutions, a Canada-based health and wellness as well as cannabis extraction company, has entered into a distribution partnership with one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. However, the company did not disclose the name of the consumer goods company.

But Neptune had announced on Twitter in late August that it has executed an agreement with consumer goods giant Unilever plc as an import and stocking master distributor as well as logistics partner in the U.S. and Canada.

“We will expand their portfolio of products to include Suave, Lifebuoy and Dove products, hand sanitizing wash, wipes & gels and face masks,” Neptune had tweeted.

Neptune said in a press release last week that as a master distributor for the global consumer goods company, it additionally expects to expand its reach into major North American retailers to create new distribution opportunities for Neptune branded consumer packaged goods

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How can payers use financial incentives to guide consumer health spending behavior?

There is no doubt that 2020 is a significant year for payers — health insurers are generating strong profits because patients have deferred elective procedures in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. But this situation won’t continue indefinitely. It’s vital for payers to integrate rewards programs into their plan benefits to address rising healthcare spending in the long term.

Although health insurers have retooled plan designs to include higher deductibles and cost sharing by consumers, they need to do more. The cost variation inherent in the healthcare system needs to be revealed. 

In November last year, CMS proposed a rule requiring health plans and self-insured groups to share personalized, out-of-pocket cost information with members. If it were passed, the rule would spur health plans to use financial incentives to generate cost savings for members by crediting savings from incentives programs toward a plan’s medical loss ratio. 

If they allocate time and

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